New Google Tool Helps You Track Mobile Actions Across Devices

This is not the miracle you may be expecting, but it is still a pretty neat tool to play with, and may save you some time, if you are looking to quickly see how many actions your mobile campaigns are delivering. without filtering through an Excel sheet or segmenting in your AdWords campaign interface.

All you have to do is download a campaign report (following the directions on HowToGoMo's Full Value Of Mobile site), upload it into the tool, and you will instantly see a breakdown of how many calls and direction searches, etc from your campaign, which you can correlate to in-store visits.

Below are some stats on the number of people who actually visit a store after searching on their mobile device, which should help you estimate instore visits from your mobile campaign data.

  • Travel: 8%
  • Tech: 6%
  • Shopping: 24%
  • Restaurant: 51%
  • Food (groceries): 33%
  • Arts & Entertainment: 11%