"Mischa is a creative marketing mind. He is dedicated to helping his partners find more business and solve problems using outside-the-box solutions. He is analytical and dedicated to helping optimize our online business. I highly recommend Mischa's work!"

– Brandon C, Digital Marketing Strategist

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"I had the pleasure of working with Mischa to adapt our business to Google's newest & hottest products. He not only made the on-boarding seamless, but never ceased to find solutions to what most advertisers considered unsolvable problems. And the advantage that we now have over the competition speaks loudly of it. 

His approach not only helped grow our revenue 5-fold, it has changed the way we approach the digital landscape outside of Google products. He also set new standards of tracking offline sales driven by online media. He is always ahead of the curve on the rapidly evolving world of online media, especially with today's hot topic of attribution models."

– Andrew P, Search Engine Marketing Manager


"Our partnership with Mischa is the most valuable we have ever had with Google or any other partner."

– Erich Z, CMO

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"Mischa’s competitive insights and quick turnaround time to our requests graduated him from ordinary “Google representative” to “strategic partner” within my first few months working with him.  He was able to understand the needs of our client and their business goals within a few short meetings, and only focused on what he knew would work for the kind of Telecommunications Company he was working with."

– Elizbeth G, Senior Search Strategist