Mobile apps revenue growing 4x in 5 yrs. Are you ready?

Does your advertising strategy include mobile apps? Well it better. Because they are about to get big. You may ask, "But wait, aren't mobile apps already pretty darn big?" Yes, they are. But according to research done by Portio, mobile apps will be generating 4x more revenue in the next 5 years, due primarily to advertising and in-app purchasing revenue streams. This means a projected growth from $12M to $60M by 2017. 

With a surge of new free apps fueled by these new revenue models, it means apps will be the new websites, everyone will be using them on their smartphones. If you want to get infront of users looking for information relevant to your products, it's going to be in an app.

So the big question is, what is your mobile app strategy? How will you target those users at the moment of relevancy? We can help you build AdMob and Google Mobile Display campaigns to reach in-app users with keyword-level accuracy, so you ad shows alongside relevant content in selected apps that used by your target audience. Ask us how.