Mobile ads go boldly where no newspaper goes anymore

Instead of continuing to buy local print ads and circulars for $1,000s and sometimes $10,000s, small businesses should be shifting their dollars towards mobile advertising to reach their local markets. Not only does mobile advertising allow SMBs to have better control of their costs, but it also can reach their audience in places paper just can't go -- or rather, doesn't go anymore. Many people are now glued to their phones for browsing news on the commute and waiting in lines, rather than holding newspapers. So if you want to reach those potential customers, don't get left on the doorstep or in the trashbin, follow them out the door and into their pocket. 

Mobile advertising is becoming more performance-driven

Mobile ads started as rich-media monstrosities, the trend was to build apps with all the bells and whistles, customized for every brand initiative and campaign. But now as the market is settling, money is draining and companies are realizing the poor ROI from these high-cost, low-converting endeavors. Companies are shedding their bells and whistles and shifting towards a more cost-conscious, metrics-driven approach to mobile ads. That's where players like Google come into the picture, with their keyword-targeted, data-transparent Search and mobile ad network AdMob. Mobile Search brings all the targetability of Desktop Search to mobile, but with the added feature of click-to-call. 

We at Little Bear Labs are motivated by performance. The targetability and actionability of mobile to reach consumers on the go with their most pressing queries and drive calls to action (which are literally calls to our clients) makes mobile one of our highest priorities.