Content is king...only if it's actionable

1. Content development that's useful

Put someone in charge of generating content that reaches your potential users. Check out a few minutes (or all) of this video, starting with where I have it set to start:

The main insight here: don't just make content about your brand, make content useful to your audience.

2. Content marketing is advertising

People want content, not ads. So the more you can embed your message in your content the better. That being said, you need to get people to your content (and they will only come back if they find it useful; see previous point). You can have targeted ads driving traffic to your content with keywords containing terms like 'blog', 'article', 'help', 'advice', 'how to', 'diy', etc. These generic keywords may reach the right people and be a soft sell that leads them to try your product. See more here: